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But there are ways of handling them that will keep you alive.

You massively reduce the chance of getting one if you keep tyres properly inflated, and avoid kerb-mounting in general driving.

: If you have a map, look for big, obvious features that you can’t mistake for anything else to orientate yourself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a small stream is definitely the one you want it to be when there are loads of streams nearby.: Have a definite strategy that will force you to think things through clearly and, crucially, keep your morale up. If you can’t find it again, you’ll be worse off than before. If you find a water source, follow it downstream.5. Even if you’re lost, it’s a good idea to mark your path so you can retrace your steps quickly and easily if needed. But don’t take unnecessary risks, and don’t stray too far to do this without knowing that you can retrace your steps.8. If you can get your feet rugged and hard, you’ll be less prone to blisters. A good trick is to put them on, lace them up and stand in a bowl of hot water for a couple of minutes.

Massage the liquid out of the blister, but keep the dead skin in place as a layer of protection. Two rules for collecting water from rivers and streams:1. If you’ve only a limited amount of water, the more you boil, the more you lose in evaporation.

First-time fathers have a lot to learn, especially if they haven't spent much time around pregnant women.

Even if becoming a dad only meant answering these kinds of questions–which everyone in your life is bound to ask–pregnancy would be exhausting. Pregnancy is a complicated issue from day one, and it becomes even more challenging as it goes on.

You’re aiming to come to a halt on the hard shoulder or the side of the road.

Extracted from How To Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide For Any Situation by Bear Grylls is published by Bantam Press, price £20.

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If a blow-out happens, your instinct will be to slam on the brakes. If you have a front puncture, it moves the weight of the car to the damaged wheel.

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